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February 2024


Brand Marketing: Art or Science?

While we understand science as a system of knowledge about properties and laws in nature, technology and society, we see art as a developed activity based on creativity, intuition and feeling.

Consequently, for us, brand marketing, the positioning and development of a brand, is also a process in which we combine a scientific, heuristic approach with creativity and empathy. Why is it so important for our work to see brand marketing primarily as art? Because we believe that the positioning and development of a brand can only be established through a creative process which, like the creation of a work of art, makes use of playful elements and thus opens the door to something new. The brand as the core of a company's presence and its USP requires constant further development in a process of continuous idea creation.

Brand marketing understood as art is able to break through the narrowness of the established, from which a brand begins to suffer. The established approach, characterized by budgets and sales expectations that are developed but then imposed from the green table, cost-related corrections and a decline in sales structures, and furthermore under the curatorship of cost-driven controlling, as sensible and necessary as all this often is: it slowly and unnoticed restricts brand development and erodes the success of the brand in the long term. Brand marketing therefore needs freedom in the sense of thinking ahead, and every brand needs a continuous investment that should always have its place in the commercial analysis and income statement.

We remember: Audi NSU, despite its fame and long history, was one day on the brink of extinction as a brand. A small, bourgeois product portfolio, a modern, evolving competition and a lackluster brand from the middle of the last century: this was what the restless and dissatisfied engineer Ferdinand Piech found when he took over technology development at Audi.

The brand statement "Vorsprung durch Technik" - just three words behind which the new technical developments of the models were to be reflected - was ultimately guaranteed by him, enabling the Audi brand to re-establish itself. Proof enough that quality and brand policy should always go hand in hand. And today? Our work is dominated by the conviction that brand marketing must be honest, customer-oriented and creative if we want to reach people and win them over to the brand message. This process is never static. A brand, not only in our opinion, is not only the face of a company, it is also the backbone of the company's self-image. Marketing through brands conveys all this, fights for and maintains market presence in today's knowledge society as a sign of quality and origin - if (!) it is further developed and maintained.

We are happy to contribute our experience and analytics, coupled with a wealth of young ideas. The Future is our Subject

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