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July 11, 2022


No Panic

Inflation, war, national debts that threaten to exceed tolerable levels, climate change, scarce resources, energy crisis, famine and much more are making life difficult for all of us at the moment. 70 years of peace and prosperity in Europe has made us lose, or at least push back, the sense that the world is not a carefree paradise. But despite all the undoubtedly enormous challenges we face, there is no reason to panic. This is particularly true of people's demand for products and services.

Even without the problems mentioned at the beginning, the transition from a consumer society to a knowledge society results in a reordering of people's needs and wants, the pushing back of abundance and of excessive consumerism according to the principle of "ever faster-always higher-always further."

What is to be done? Well, first and foremost, we need to mobilize our sense of the normal again. We should remember Ludwig Erhard, who said that prosperity also requires the art of moderation.

We need to listen to ourselves more and let our common sense take effect and focus on the human factor again instead of looking for salvation in digitization and AI alone. We need to remove volatility and hecticness from the program and practice optimized reliability. We must declare war on fear, avoid the loud, leave the acting to those who are professionally on stage and have a professional understanding of their roles. And we must practice truthfulness. Actually, all this is not so difficult, after all, as human beings we are well equipped to master life. Each of us is unique, has a brain that can move mountains and free will!

People rearranges needs and wants. Less is more, we can assume that, living in the industrialized countries. Not the turnover is the measure of all things in the business, but the profit. Building substance is the number one topic, because therein lies the strength of every company to manage the transformation in the interests of its stakeholders.

Flying on sight or going strategic? This question is hotly debated these days, and there are quite a few decision-makers who practice flying on sight. Flying on sight can go well if chance comes to the rescue. However, good strategies offer more security because they focus on the big picture and follow a program and process in which the unforeseen is also taken into account. Strategies, written with common sense and implemented with the same, provide protection and credibility. Scaremongering has no chance!

Your F. M. Schmid-Preissler




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